De Zen fluit met een bijzonder warme en stiltebrengende klank.

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Kitahara Seika Kinko-Shakuhachi 1.8  from Seikado, Kyoto bought new at Mejiro, Tokyo in 2008.


Maker: Kitahara Seika from Seikado in Kyoto

Level: 1.8, three Stamps
Cap-size: 5,5 Weight: 414g
Joint dia.: 32,9mm, Inside dia. is standard for modern Shakuhachi.

It is fantastic in tune and perfect also for sankyoku and contemporary music.
It has a powerful sound and is easy to play.
Price: SOLD

The original recuits are included in the package.

Info on original price etc. on demand.

Comes with and utaguchi cap and plastic bag.

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Gyokusui 1st shakuhachi 1.8

Kono Gyokusui I. Restored by Perry Yung.

This flute is a warm full soundig player, capable of all things a good shakuhachi must be able to do.

Looking at the more simple hanko it seems most likely that it is made by Gyokusui Kono the first.
This is an excellent example of Gyokusui Kono's work.

Dense, hefty madake with a buffalo horn Tozan utaguchi inlay and very unusual Higo Zogan (black steel with gold inlay - Damascene crafted in Kumamoto, Japan) nakastugi rings depicting a wild boar running into a bamboo grove.



Expert repairs of inlaid rattan binding have been done to the upper half of the instrument with no comprimise to playability or sound quality.

Plays in tune with even intonation up into the 3rd octave. A warm, full sounding player.

Very nice sound and easy to play.

The flute is made Kinko style , but with a Tozan looking utaguschi.
The flute had a very intersting and extended history , which is available on request.

Price:  SOLD






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