De Zen fluit met een bijzonder warme en stiltebrengende klank.

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Mujitsu together with a vintage komuso flute , also by Ken LaCosse.





Mujitsu 1.8 ( C# ) ji-nashi shakuhachi


Exceptionally smooth , powerful, velvety tone. Rich glow and sweet , easily controlled decay. A relatively wide bore shakuhachi in between a Taimu and conventional bore. That's why the ground note is C# instead of D.
Made from a 45 year old Japanese madake bamboo , which is very hard to get these days for shakuhachi makers. Made by the late famous shakuhachi and Taimu maker Ken LaCosse , Mujitsu and Taimu Dojo.
A very rare instrument indeed.

More info on request.

Price: 2250,00 Euro





Kinko style utaguchi

diameter inside bore 20 mm


Gyokusan Gyokusui

Jiari Shakuhachi 1.8  ( D )

 Weight 367 gram

Restauration by Perry Yung.

Includes hood and bag.


Price: 1250,00 Euro


Gyokusui is the 3rd generation in line of the famous Kono Gyokusui , whose flutes are appreciated and played by many famous players around the world.

The flute was restored and tuned again by Perry Yung in June 2016.









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